Congratulations to our competition winners!

September 2017:
The winner of the Nuu Mee competition are: Melissa Bouwer.

June 2017:
The winners of the Disney on Ice competition are: Lauren Hendrickse & Patricia Coutzee.

March 2017:
The winners of the Priscilla Queen of the Desert competition are: Wayne Gleeson, Debbie Van Schalkwyk, Lindie Martin & Angela Barclay.

December 2016:
The winner of the Trevor Noah competition is: Marlene Croukamp.

November 2016:
The winners of the Cirque Eloize competition are: Louise Liemberg, Marcel Putter, Tanya Snyders,
Faieza Timol, Palesa Mashigo and Joshua Gloak.

June 2016:
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is: Kirstin Kros.

May 2016:
The winners of the “Collagen Lift Paris” competition are: Yolande Bender and Jackie Medina.

December 2015:
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is: Ntombifuthi Octovia Mnisi

June 2015:
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is: Rensche Palm

March 2015:
The winners of the MyGarage competition are: Tara Mason & Edgar Thomas.

February 2015:
The winners of the Mamma Mia competition are: Atish Maharaj, Russell Ball, Keitumetse Thetele, Amy Bushell and Matt Pegler

January 2015:
The winners of The Script competition are: Bryan Wentzel, Jessica Wort, Leigh-Ann Bekker, Richard Kuo, Vanessa Gil.

December 2014:
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is: Lucinda Faroo.

November 2014:
The winners of the Foo Fighters competition are: Jessica Bell, Haydn Corke, Jim Mabunda, Cameron Froud, Melanie Stainbank, Melissa Weber, Yolande Bender, Tshepiso Matlana, Natalie Vos, Alan Rule.
The winners of the Rock for Unity competition are:Charlotte Knight, Ludwig Jordaan, Sharon Levitt, Fozia Achmed and Rhett Willcock.

June 2014: 
The winners of the Blake Cortes competition are: Frederick St Clair, Michael Chait, Matthew Prins and Raymond Herbst.
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is: Sandy Neves.

April 2014:
The winners of the Tantol competition are: Tara Mason, Noleen Dawson, Lucan Kinnear and Desree Yeoman

February 2014:
The winners of the Electric Light Orchestra competition are: Marlene Barnard and Willie Erasmus

January 2014:
The winner of the Superb SEO Solutions competition is: Nelmari Van Schalkwyk

December 2013:
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is : Maryke Visagie

November 2013:
The winner’s of the Alison Moyet competition are: Claire Oertle and Michael Chait.
The winner of the Airflow Dynamics competition was: Mandy Robinson.

October 2013:
The winner of the Montagu Country Hotel competition is: Stella Atkinson

September 2013:
The winner of the Bonnie Tyler competition is: Jennifer Breakey
The winner of the Montagu Country Hotel competition is: Charna Chapman
The winners of the Designer Water competition are: Sifiso Ngwenya and Zaid Habib

August 2013:
The winner of the Montagu Country Hotel competition is: Suné Horak 
The winner of the Nelson Mandela DVD box set is: Estelle Ross Allen

July 2013:
The winner of the Montagu Country Hotel competition is: Jennifer Reugg.
The winners of the Robertson Wine Valley Festival competition are : Jenny Black , Dieter Fritz, Paul Hilton, Katie Reynolds and Marc Leitao.

June 2013:
The winner’s of the Real Concerts-Eddie Izzard competition are : Tyrone Poulter and Celeste Louw.
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” competition is : Michael Harris.

The winner of the Chamberlain-Bell competition is: Marlene Barnard.
The winner’s of the Alluvia Wine Estate competition are: Geoff Smith and Cathy Archer
The winner’s of the Michael Game Plan competition are: Lynn De Beer, Andre Scheepers and Nontobeko Khumalo.

May 2013:
The winners of the Taste of Italy competition are: Minette Labourne and Sanyana Mahlangu.

April 2013:
The winner of The Commodore Hotel competition is: Laverne Bruintjies.
The winners of The Fugard  Theater competition are: Peter Horn and Jennifer Wilkinson.

March 2013:
The winners of the Surval Boutique Olive Estate competition are : Joan-Anne Harris and JP Van Den Berg.
The winner of the Grand Daddy Hotel competition is: Greg Meyer.

December 2012:
The winners of The Daily Brew hampers are: Ryan Hendra, Rachel Stemmet and Jade Meyers.
The winner of the Facebook “Like Us” draw is: Angelique Venter.

November 2012:
The winners of the Maguey Agave hampers are: Crystal Thompson and Melody Snyman.
The winner’s of the My Mind Change competition are : Annette Spurles and Rafeeka Samsodien.
The winner’s of the Oasis Wellness Therapy vouchers are: Landy Yeatman and Richard Floyd.

August 2012:
The winners of the Views Boutique Hotel and Spa competition are: Sylvia Oates and Gerrit Van Heerden.

June 2012:
The Winners of the Body Health competition are: Adele McCallaghan, Debra Roberts, Kurt Eichbauer, Patricia Taylor and Linda Twiggs.

April 2012:
The winners of  the South Tan Beach competition are: Crystal Fortune, Wayne Bennett, Jade Perryman and Darryn V/D Walt.
The winners of the Pure Romance competition are: Lee-Anne Andre, Melanie Stainbank, Robyn Meyer, Juanita Botha, Ilse Esterhuizen, Andries Els, Zakeera Parker, Thea Grobler V/D Nest, Bernadette Solomons, Sylvia Gallant, Hannelie Peterse, Lynn De Beer, Mishelle Uezato, Laila Cassim, Derick Johna, Athena Japhta, Candy Bouwer, Catherine Hobson, Rheta Fouche, Mary-Ann Alexander, Sabashnee Moodley, Leatitia Du Toit, Isobel Sinclair, Fiona Wessels, Hannelie Minnie, Hannelie Esterhuizen, Charmaine McDonald, Seane Collard, Tracy Malan, Sharon De Koning.

January 2012:
The winner’s of  The Barnyard Theater tickets are: Candice Walker, Melanie De Klerk and Yvette Van Der Berg.

November 2011:
The winners of  The Barnyard Theater tickets are: Ann O’Halloran, Christian Winterbach and Annali Sholtz.
The winner of the Lifestem hamper is: Andries Steyn.
The winner’s of the NFR Stress hampers are: Johan Smit, Sharon Plumb and Penny Ritter.

September 2011:
The winner’s of the Acorn Kids hampers are: Maryna V/D Watt, Nancy Burrow, Dominic Kessell and Avril Foster.
The winners of the Spoilt Kidz wall murals are: Astrid Lane and Valerie Boolsen.
The winners of The Barnyard Theatre tickets are: Pat Taylor and Liezel Fogarty.

August 2011:
Winners of the Acorn Kids competition: Elmarie Minnie, Catherine Hobson and Deborah Barnes.
Winner of the Robert Sharma book set from The Lifestyle Cafe: Ullricke Van Zyl.
Winner of the Alcat Body hamper from The Lifestyle Cafe: Candace Prins.
Winner’s of the Hilton Wellness Spa competition are: Natasha Huygen and Chris Grave.
Winner’s of the On Broadway competition are: Kathryn Cupido, Karel Vermeulen, Charleen Pretorius, Darryl Smith, Alf Minnie, Lisa Huet and Katherine Tudsbury.

July 2011:
Winner’s of the Bio-Harmony Adult or Bright Sparks hampers are: Sandra Nicol, Tamsyn Booysen, Candy Bouwer, Athol Kretschmann and Donna De Vries.Charmaine Spasojevic, Bertie Maritz, Lydia Shongwe and Mary Januk
Winner of the Pontac Monor competition is: Anna Howcraft.
Winner’s of the On Broadway competition are: Maurice Sias, Beatrice Kabat, Richard Floyd, Donna De Vries, Monica Lourens, Henry Coutzee, Tarryn Westhead, Sharon Tereblanch, Emma and Lisa Huet.
Winners of the Hypoxi treatments are: Kelly Short and Tamsyn Booysen

June 2011:
Winner of a Hot Stone massage is: Leane Gerber.
Winner of the Foreplay hamper are: Juliet Talijaard, Sharon Knowles, Shaffie Shaik, Rob Baird, Karel Vermeulen and Aaqilah Field
Winner of the Collisions Web hosting competition is: Karen Spies.
Winner of the Just Tipping competition is: Anthea De Abreu

May 2011:
Winner of an autographed copy of “What if you were God” is: Pieter Claasens
Winner of an autographed copy of “Awesome Coaching” is: Suzanne Nates.



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