Nov 302017

Polo Vivo – Win a car worth R175 000!

 Time to lump that old piece of junk? Being the best selling passenger vehicle the Volkswagen Polo Vivo will get you from A to B in style with all the mod-con trimmings. Specs include: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with EBD, Driver and passenger airbags, Alarm/ Electronic immobilizer, Central locking system with remote key, Air-conditioning, Height and reach adjustable steering column, Power steering, Radio, CD, SD-card, USB, Bluetooth, 4 Speakers, and 14″ Steel wheels. Enter the JustPlay competition to stand a chance of winning this fabulous new ride! 

This competition is now closed

Polo Vivo

  45 Responses to “Polo Vivo Competition”



    I never won in my live


    Hi I could like to win this car


    hy am a student and I travel so I would also like to win a car because it can help me


    This would be amazing and change my life. Def holding thumbs


    Hi my car was stolen in May 2016 and was never found.Now I am struggling. Due to financial circumstances I cant affort to buy another one.I Really ,really miss my car even thou it was an old car.I would really be so grateful if I must win this car.


    I want to win this car for the present of fathers day


    hi i would really like to win this car . I wrote my car off avoiding a dog 7 june 2017 . never have insurance


    This would be a dream come true!


    i never won anything my my life yet, wining this would mean so much to me!


    i want to win this car in my life I never win any competition


    I would like to win awesome prizes prizes car


    Don’t have a car


    Mr. Luck not on my side as yet!! would love to have this beautiful car…


    This would be great as i dont have a car.. children must use puclic transport to school and back. Would be awesome to win this car


    I’d love to win! A dream come true


    My wife’s car is 2003 model – needs replacing


    This car can suit a beautiful lady me thank you VW for such a Wonderful gift


    I would really like to win this car i just had a baby and putting my two children in school and building a house for my mother i can’t afford to buy one at the moment


    I would love to win the car and to be associated with a winning brand as vw


    I can’t afford a car at the moment and winning this would mean no more public transport for me and my kids.


    VW cars are my favourite but I can’t afford a car I would be happy if I can win this Polo Vivo.


    Hi, would like win the polo vivo because I really need for my traveling


    I could use this car huge Vw fan and my car is 11 years old!!!!!!!!!


    Hi, where to begin i am a mom of two and i work night shift it would really help not only myself but my kids if we had a car to get around, and it would mean not relying on other people for lifts all the time. Thank you


    It would be a great dream come true to win this amazing car


    I need a car winning this one will change my life


    hi,i would really like to win this polo coz firstly I never won anything,secondly I never had my own car


    Just loving the polo vivo


    I would really like to win this competition, it would be awesome and will help me when I have to travel.


    Nothing ever happens for me im a good person,i always go out of my way to make others happy but i feel so sad.. i just need to feel appreciated and winning a car will probably make me feel like i am worthy of some joy.. so im hoping and praying that god will choose me..


    Winning for the first time in my life and own te car is something i think wil not happen and even if is not competition i will not drive new car even i work triple jobs will never happen
    Now i just love to come closer and see the car and test drive for me doing that i already win


    I don’t even know how I am going to pay my rent this month, a car would be perfect then I could even have a place to sleep.


    I would travell easy


    This would really help me transport my very old,sick grandfather for regular check ups to the clinic weekly,using public transport is very strenuous on him as he is not able to walk properly


    Would love this car so that i wouldnt have to take public transport to camous


    Im in a business which requires a transport,so if i were to win the car,it would be my way to financial freedom


    This would be a dream come true.


    I would love to win this car for my family! I drive a small UNO terrible colour purple which is forever giving problems to fix. We have been trying to save for a newer car but a crisis always comes up that that’s more important. This car would help our family termedosly out would love to win such a beautiful car!


    elo love this car i never won any ever since i was start to enter competition ii wish i can won this one


    This buitifull car has always been my dream it will change my live for ever please lord thumps up


    I have never won in my life and I would love to own a car and VW is my dream car


    With my first baby on the way, it would really be a blessing to have a car that is as economic and safe. It is my wish to be able to provide the best for my child.


    I would truly love to win a polo Vivo it would b. Blessing… Thank you as I need transportation


    I’m starting university next year and theres no cheap source of transport & i don’t want to burden my parents.


    I never won in my life if I win it will be my firstime winning and I will start to belive in competition

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