Mar 242014

Kia Surprise – Make a dream come true!kia_surprise

Life is full of surprises and Kia’s latest competition highlights that! We all have a special person in your life that we would love to surprise with something unique? Whether a gift or an actual event, Kia are here to make sure that somebody’s dream does come true. If you have a friend or family member that deserves a good gesture then Kia invites you to get creative and submit your ideas. Tell Kia in a few words how you would surprise that special person and be imaginative. This can be anything from a holiday to an engagement ring. Maybe you want to make someone’s dream come true or simply congratulate them on a special occasion. Submit your idea and who knows, it could become a reality. Kia are also including a weekly prize where you could win a FIFA World Cup football.

This competition is now closed