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Aug 152014
Razer Kraken Competition

Razer Kraken – Win the “Hooligan” headphones! Big is Back! Created for Eric Hernandez, drummer for Bruno Mars and also Bruno’s brother the Razer Kraken headphones offer durability and great sound. With a collapsible 40mm ear cup you can comfortably listen to your favorite tunes with crystal clear quality sound. Enter the Popular Mechanics competition to […]

Jul 242014
Sony Playstation Competition

Sony Playstation – Win a hamper worth R10 000! It does not matter if you’re a little boy or a big boy! Guys just love gaming and the new action packed game Second Son – exclusively for Sony Playstation, will have you on the couch for hours. Enter the Men’s Health competition to win a […]

Jul 152014
iPad Air Competition

iPad Air – Win one with Aero! After a long hard week what do you do to unwind? Is it a long bubble bath? Curled up on the couch watching a movie or reading your favorite magazine. Take the Aero quiz and not only do you stand a chance of winning an iPad Air, but […]

May 282014
Nintendo Competition

Nintendo – Win a hamper worth R5000! For the past twenty five years Nintendo has been keeping our kids entertained and what a transformation in technology it has been. From the bulky systems that plugged into your tv using game cartridges to the modern and portable hand held systems. Enter the Child Magazine competition and […]

Apr 022014
Samsung NX300 Competition

Samsung NX300 – win one worth R8900! What is your favorite photo-graphical subject? Tell Men’s Health and you could win the super cool Samsung NX300. It offers an ultra-sensitive 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor with advanced autofocus and not to mention the 1/6 000 shutter speed. With features like these everyone will think you’re a professional […]

Feb 252014
LG G2 Competition

LG – Win the new G2 worth R7499! Smart phones are the only way to go nowadays and the new LG G2 is proving to be a strong competitor when compared to the upcoming Google Nexus 5 (also produced by LG) and said to be giving the Samsung Galaxy S4 a good run for its […]

Jan 172014
iPad Mini Competition

iPad Mini – Win one worth R5000! Apple is so hot right now and the must have item for 2013 is the new iPad Mini! The slightly smaller version of the original iPad offers all the same functionality, it just fits better in your handbag. The perfect personal assistant for those with a busy lifestyle […]

Nov 302013
Samsung Galaxy Music Competition

Samsung Galaxy Music – Win a smartphone! The Samsung Galaxy Music has taken the South African market by storm! As a more affordable alternative to the iPhone, it offers amazing functionality with plenty of innovations! With dual frontal speakers if offers amazing sounds quality. If music and gaming are your thing then the Galaxy Music […]

Nov 252013
Samsung Galaxy Tab Competition

Samsung Galaxy – Win a Tablet! Gone are the days when a phone was just a phone. The Samsung Galaxy Tab offers everything you need in a phone and personal computer all in a stylish hand held device. Offering a ten inch TFT display, a 1.6 GHz processor, extended battery life and only 7.9mm thin […]

Oct 212013
Toshiba Tablet Competition

Toshiba – Win the AT300 tablet worth R5500! Do you remember the “PC” of yesteryear? They were these big bulky machines that took up your whole desk and massive keyboards, today they weight just under six hundred grams and could fit into your handbag. How modern technology has changed our lives and what would we […]

Sep 292013
Momentum Health Competition

Momentum Health – Win a Canon hamper worth R9000! Be healthy, live long and capture those special memories! That’s Momentum Health’s proposition and the reason for sponsoring this awesome prize. With the festive season just around the corner there are going to be many special moments. So if you’re a budding photographer best you enter […]

Aug 302013
Olympus Camera Competition

Olympus Camera – Win the TG-2! If your a budding action photographer that gets into tight positions to get the perfect shot or even if you’re just a little clumsy and tend to drop the camera now and then, then the shockproof, waterproof and crush proof virtually indestructible Olympus camera is just for you!  It […]

Aug 282013
Samsung Dual View Competition

Samsung Dual View – win a camera worth R1500. Take the perfect “Selfie” with the new Samsung Dual View Camera. Everyone loves taking pictures, the only problem is that you hardly ever end in any of them or the person taking the shot is well lets say…not the best photographer. WiFi enabled the dual view […]

Aug 052013
Sony Xperia Tablet Competition

Sony Xperia Tablet – Win one worth R9000! The Sony Xperia tablet is everything you’ll ever need all wrapped up into a sleek, stylish and light piece of hardware! Not only is it the current leader in screen resolution and functionality, it also offers a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with 1,5 GHz asynchronous quad CPUs […]

Jul 162013
Samsung Giga Beat Competition

Samsung – Win the Giga Beat System. If you’re a  tech savvy party animal that loves sound, then the Samsung Giga Beat sound system is just what you need to shake up the neighborhood! Boasting 2560 watts (RMS) sound and lighting features you will be sure to get the party started, not to mention the […]