About Us


About Us

Webwin is a South African competition directory. This means we host competitions, our own as well as others that are fed in from other websites. We conveniently collect all these competitions for you bringing them together on one site. If there is something to win online, we will find it, and you could win it.about us

The awesome competitions we list are always FREE to enter and only require your basic details, we don’t believe in competitions where you have to give a DNA sample to enter!

There are hundreds of online competitions in South Africa every year. Prizes range from fragrances, shopping vouchers, cars, household appliances and over-seas holidays amongst others… all being given away for free!

About Us: Webwin started in March 2011 and is currently the fastest growing online competition website in South Africa. We did not simply decide to start a competition website….there were others out there. We started because of a need. A vacuum that existed in the market. Our roots are in media and advertising sales. We found that many advertisers did not have the budget to market their brands or services but could offer a “trade exchange” for exposure. Webwin was founded to assist these clients. We gladly accept the trade exchanges…giving you the opportunity to win them…and provide sponsors with much needed exposure.

Our slogan – “It’s a Win Win situation” is a constant reminder of our founding statement.

Another promise to our sponsors is that you will ALWAYS get 30 days FREE!

Webwin offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their brands or services in the form of an online competition to thousands of loyal Webwin users. If you are a digital marketing agency who as part of your offering to your clients run online competitions, contact us to find out how we can assist your online footprint. Here’s an article of how online competitions entitled “Exposure through online competitions” can boost your campaign.

If you have never entered online competitions before and are concerned about the information you provide, why not have a read through our Terms & Conditions. If you would like to run your own competition see our Advertisers section.

The other alternative is to just enter the competitions, no problem, we have all the competitions you are looking for on our Home Page ..enter them all, but most importantly..have fun!

Good luck!

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